EM.FOCO is a digital magazine about art, with a focus on each artist’s identity and their inspiration to create. The main goal is to become a platform for contemporary artists and to open a discussion around the role of authorship, creativity, and diversity.

We want to focus on authorship and creativity, respecting each artist’s identity.

Published monthly, each issue will launch a video portrait by a unique director, focused on a single creator, from all sorts of different artistic areas, as well as a talk with the director.

We give the directors total authority over the choice of artist and the videos are produced from their authorial perspective. The freedom given aims to stand out as an editorial choice with a permanent determination to remain current, putting emerging artists in the spotlight and promoting bridges between creators.


Ana Sofia Nunes

Executive Production

Miguel Munhá

Executive Production

Inês Bento

Graphic Design

Catarina Rodrigues | Amarelo Design


Joana Fernandes

Line Producer

Hugo Botelho Rodrigues


Marta Rocha

Translation and Subtitling


Jângal Studios


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