N.07 Margarida Conceição
by   João Veloso (OPEN CALL)

“In this new stage of my life I want to explore my ancestry, allow myself to live it and not be ashamed to assume it”Margarida Conceição

In this edition, the result of an open call open to students (or recent graduates), we present a video-portrait made by João Veloso about the multidisciplinary artist – full-time tattoo artist – Margarida Conceição.
The artist is portrayed focusing on her willingness to accept, respect and embrace the culture of her ancestors; the ancestral culture that she has attached to her body and that has so often been a reason for not feeling accepted.

Margarida Conceição is now a creator with work done, a well-defined and singular artistic identity, and wants to overflow this empowerment so that other artists also feel accepted and take (their) place.

This is issue 07, Margarida Conceição by João Veloso.

Talk with João Veloso

1) Could you share with us a bit of your academic and professional background? As this edition is the result of an open call for students, we think it is important to give this framework.

Since 2014, the year I bought my first camera, I began to explore my love for photography and filming. I had already finished high school, and I thought about taking a course in this area, but I didn’t have the chance right away. Until, in 2017, I joined the camera and lighting operator course at ETIC. After completing the course, I worked with some companies such as OralMed and BetClic, among others. Since 2019, I have been working at the Autonomous University of Lisbon, as a cameraman and video editor, and I am completing my degree in Communication Sciences.

2) Why did you choose to film Margarida Conceição?

I chose to film Margarida because I identify with the use of art as a way of affirming her ancestry and as a counterpoint to the hegemonic culture of white and male tattoo artists, in addition to being one of the pioneers of contemporary author tattooing in Portugal.

3)Where did you look for references and inspiration for this video-portrait? 

I looked for old interviews of Margarida, interviewed her, and we talked a lot about which way to go. It was a collaborative work process, so that it would be a portrait close to her reality. On the other hand, I looked for references of videos with a similar proposal, and shots that could convey her artistic vision.

4) When you sent us your application you mentioned that since 2014 you have developed an interest in recording various events in the city of Lisbon related to social causes. What impact does this interest have on your creation?

There is a symbiotic relationship between my interest in recording protests and my artistic side. The faces, the voices, the posters and the slogans are several stories gathered at the same time, in the same space, which I try to make known to people, both for those who could not be present, and for future memory. I feel that telling stories is what I like to do most.

5) Have you had the opportunity to work in a team in other contexts before? How was this experience of sharing the creative process with other people?

Yes, I had already had the opportunity to work as a team on other projects, but as a director this was practically the first. And it was interesting to exchange ideas and perspectives with the various people, from sound, to audio post-production, to cinematography, it was an extremely enriching experience.

6) At the end of this process, what do you feel you took away from creating and sharing this video portrait?

It helped me to understand the process of conceiving a project, as well as what it is like to direct it. Besides this, it made me sure that this is the way I want to go: portraying people and working in an area where I can have space to create and express myself.


Margarida Conceição

portrayed artist

Margarida Conceição or Creating Daisy, as she is known, was born in Lisbon and is a multidisciplinary artist who works as a full-time tattoo artist. Margarida has Portuguese and Macanese origins and her work is strongly influenced by her history and culture, characterized by an Asian surrealism where color prevails. In 2018 she opened her tattoo studio in Lisbon, Flourish.

João Veloso


João Veloso was born in 1996, in Amadora. He is a photographer and videographer. Since 2014 he has been documenting protests and activist activities that take place in the city of Lisbon, of the most varied themes: anti-racist, LGBTQIA+, environmental, feminist, among others. In 2017 he joined the cameraman and lighting course at ETIC, and since 2018 he has been working in the audiovisual area. He participated as a cameraman in some projects such as “Rua dos Lagares” (2017), “O inferno é estar só” (2018), “Casas Quebram Asas” (2020), “Cante pela sua Saúde” (2021) and in the multimedia contents of PICCLE – Intervention Plan for Citizens Competent in Reading and Writing, promoted by the National Reading Plan. He works as a cameraman and video editor at the Autonomous University of Lisbon, and is completing a degree in Communication Sciences.


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